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Hi! Glad to have you here in this blog! I am Tara Nair a design blogger and a calligraphy artist from Pune.

You know, I would be lying if I would ever say no to design and home decor. Even saying no to blogging. I have been a blogger for four years. But recently I shut down my website.

I did it to focus only and entirely on calligraphy.

Would you be able to relate with regrets in your professional life? I mean, regrets regarding other parts of life are usual and you can move on eventually. But in professional life, it can be a frequent mood-spoiler. Because time count is severe in that case.

It’s only after five months, I missed my four years of hustle terribly. Thankfully I got the platform back again. Yayee!! Phew! that was a herculean task though.

As they say, “let it all go and see what stays”. Blogging stays in my mind and heart all the time. So here I am again. Starting from the scratch. Willing to share and give you soulful value to your lifestyle.

A new beginning with a Lifestyle & Design Blog

I was writing about home decor before.

And this time, I gave a thorough thinking.

Some said open a blog on food this time because people can’t live without it. Few gave the opinion on starting a blog on fashion and be a guru. And a very close friend of mine said, it doesn’t matter what you want to write, what matters is what are people searching in google.

They all were right. But there was one massive point to be considered.

What am I good at writing?

For me, it is not precisely home decor. IT IS DESIGN.

I always look for it. Any new launch excites me. I get into the details, to know it better.

I love to surround myself with great designs, to the cream of its functionality, ergonomics and the way it makes me feel.

Count on anything that acquires a space in your residential and/or commercial area. From notebooks and candles to furniture and appliances. This blog will have it all.

I believe a life surrounded with beautiful things is equally important as exploring food, trying new fashion trends and knowing more about the world.

So here’s what you can expect

Everyone has a taste. I am sure you too do. Taste for colours, taste for accessories etc. I have a taste for design.

Portray this cyberspace as a lifestyle blog that is ornate with the design.

This blog will…

  • Make you aware of all the beautiful things you can surround yourself within interiors, that are justifiable to own and/or gift.
  • Introduce you to arts that you might feel connected to.
  • Update you about mindful, sustainable and designer products; Which will make you feel awesome and will make your life easier.
  • Take you through stationery items that’ll bring some peppiness in your life
  • Introduce you to artists and makers. The hustlers, who are bringing waves of change to make your lifestyle look stunning.
  • Also get you a taste of calligraphy and few of my experiences like events and tours.

By the way, I do not intend to only to write in a serious and fact-driven way. Trust me, it’s going to be a hilarious ride.

I would also want you to be familiar with my “style” though. Because I will not be covering every product under the sun and confuse you about what to follow. So here are some specifics of what’s in my mind always:

  • Lover of sleek designs. That can be loud or not. Rather, a tad bit inclined towards minimalism.
  • Believing that abundance is all about quality, not quantity.
  • Singing songs of slow living, zen living, mindful, purposeful and intentional living
  • Going gaga over geometrical designs
  • Doesn’t entertain, quirky, florals and ethnic much. But there’ll be some selective pops of them as well.
  • Admiring everything organic, economic and ergonomic.
  • Each blog post will also tell you how you can style your space and their usability with the products I chose to write about.
  • I do not like to follow trends. But since this blog is for you, I would love to update you on the same.
  • In decor, I heart dark hues, accessorised with pop colours and neons.
  • But I’ll be all boho, beachy, scandi, thrift style, contemporary etc. Because I mind only products. So there’s a room for all.

For most of the articles here, I will post a live video on Facebook too. So that’s going to be even more fun-filling.

To wrap it up

This blog is all and only for you. To make your lifestyle better. 

You could be a design lover looking for inspiration, a homemaker who enjoys decorating the space around, an interior designer who wants to know what all can be considered to be used in your interiors project…

Basically, everyone who is willing to bring change in their lifestyle for good.

There’s a lOng way to go. I would heart to have your company. And together, step-by-step, we’ll enhance the way we live.

So please do hop in with recommendations, suggestions. And Hey! Treat me like a buddy!!

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