Heyall!! Today this post will elaborate on the skills required to be an interior designer. Yes, I am at par a right person to share the facts with you. You might be knowing that I have pursued a Diploma in Interior Designing post Engineering.

In the beginning, I’ve worked under some architects and interior designers. But interior design pass-outs, soon feel the urge to start their own freelance projects. Because they feel that they are better in design and need creative freedom.

I failed terribly in my freelance projects. Because there’s a business part to be taken care of being an interior designer.

I didn’t compel myself to stay with the firm. To understand and learn how to deal with clients and get the work done on time from the labours, and likewise.

One should always begin to work under or with a master in a similar field. Only then he/she becomes the expert in the respective industry.

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So I am here to let you and your fellow people know (whoever is interested), about the skills that are required to become a successful interior designer. I have described a few points, whereas others are self-explanatory.


  • Creative Self-Expression and Imaginative Power

Most of the designers scan Pinterest and Instagram and gauges that they have some superb creative thought process. Creative expressing is something we all “feel” that we have it. But we don’t.

Without the help of any inspiration, when you get your hands into drawing/rendering the designs, you’ll know what all is missing and how does your brain work.

  • An astounding sense of colour 
  • Ability to Work Independently (Being a Leader and a Manager)

Well, here most of us fail. Again and again. That happens because we need to handle so many things at a time in a project. And even if you have a partner in the business, you still need to take a few strong decisions on your own.

For e.g. you are handling plumbers and your partner is helping electricians. Same goes for painters, carpenters, POP makers, furniture delivery, furnishing,  fabricators etc.

  • Ability to convey ideas for better understanding
  • Understanding the client’s needs and requirements, yet infusing your style
  • Well defined budgeting and planning skills

Here the money transactions and deliverables play very tricky roles. At times you’ve paid beforehand and materials haven’t reached the site. Or you haven’t paid them on time so the work hasn’t started yet; kind of situations.

  • Good rapport with labours/workers

To get things done on time (which never happens) you must be good on talks with the workers. Since you can’t scream at them. All you can do is to make work fun for them.

Because honestly, they are neither interested in being ruled by you, nor in the work they are into. But you must also know how to tactfully manoeuvre them. I believe surrendering and giving them freedom is not the right choice, respecting them is.

  • Highly organized to keep the track clean
  • Ability to handle stress due to deadlines

Even if you have the plans written and well-mentioned with the set dates. You still may end up clinging up to the deadline. Yet, it is way better to finish it off than stretching the project to two or more months.

And being an interior designer, the importance of saying “NO” is huge for running the business. Especially for finishing the project on time.

For e.g., I remember saying “yes” to the client whenever they wanted to shop for furnishing. Instead, I should have given them three options on each element that will suit the agreed design.

Want to know the right process of owning a brand as a designer? Here’s the story.

  • google SketchUp, AutoCAD, 3Dmax aka gear up your software skills

Well, if you can render your creative imagination really well, you can go ahead with it. If you will show rough sketches and Pinterest/Google images to your client, they will certainly get inspired by your thoughts. But will never be pleased.

That’s because most of the people are weak with visualising their interiors with your designs. So either you must have a sound rendering or 3D design ready with you to impress them.

  • Knowledge of artworks, building materials, infrastructure, texture, measurement, lighting and much more.
  • Perceptive and probing mentality
  • Updates on market trends

So even if you are willing to give a smashing and stunning idea. Which is not trendy. You must be aware of what are the styles and products that are topping the charts. It can help you mix your style with the current products.

The awareness will also help you guide your clients on why your interior design is different. Because before hiring you for work, they have already decided on which neighbour’s home interiors they loved and would want you to replicate.

  • A logical mind and balanced attitude
  • Work as a team member
  • Systematic way of working
  • Problem-solving ability

These skills are randomly written. Because you never know which one will imply at what stage of your interior designing project.

I was not able to pull off most of those skills.  Hence I ended up becoming an award-winning Design Blogger.  Though all the noted points are through my experience of being an Interior Designer for four years.

If you have doubts on this subject “interior designing process” you can connect to me anytime here. I hope these points suffice to help you with deciding and solidifying your goals into becoming an Interior Designer and start your own design company.

How has been your experience with an Interior Designer? Do you work with any interior design firm or are you planning to start a firm of your own?


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