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The very thought of writing about this event (Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa) is mesmerising. Whenever someone talks about an event, a place, about volunteering or an art fest, I’ll always have a story to share. Thanks to the engaging moments.

“Serendipity Arts Festival is India’s multi-disciplinary arts event set over a period of eight days in December in the vibrant settings of Panaji, Goa, found by Sunil Munjal”


I’ve met adorable people. Few were celebrities and few others became friends for life. Everyone respected everyone in that event. That’s the best part.

The well-curated disciplines were:

    • CRAFT
    • DANCE
    • MUSIC

My experience as a volunteer in their first event (held in 2016) was marvellous. I won’t brag all the way until the end. Of course not.

Misshappenings Alert!! Disappointing food quality and lack of variety, eating on the go, running wild *and not free* to get the work done on time etc. But hey, that’s what we’ve signed in for as volunteers. Indeed except for a day or two’s bad quality food.

We were provided 3 days of training, Rs.500/- per day perk (paid collectively after the fest), lunch and some snack. What was not on the 15-day course of time, is the rest of the meal, accommodation, travel and inter-city travel.

But you know, when I think of the days I’ve spent there, I forget all the negative part of what all happened in the event. I mean… to start with, I WAS IN GOA FOR frickin’ 15 DAYS!!!

I’ve never been to Goa before. So, that opportunity was itself mindblowing. It was a big deal (and a tad bit of concern too) for a few of my family and friends. Because I was travelling alone to Goa and staying at an unknown place with strangers (girls) for the last half of the “December” month.

Thanks to my husband who said “Goodness 15 days of sanity for both of us? Please go.” 😀 But am sure, when I shared this news to others, some might have had the picture of me taking weed at 3 am on an isolated beach with few freaks. By the way, that moment didn’t occur. I know, it is a big miss! (hahaha)

After applying as a volunteer, “The Secret” was playing at the back of my mind. I told Sapan, that I’ll go only if I ‘ll have a free stay over there. Don’t know how that’ll happen, but that was my decision. I saw the video of “Company” song every single day. I was visualising and all.

Thanks to the WhatsApp group created by the organisers, that somehow Kopal approached me with a surprising news. She said “I have my uncle’s flat in Panjim. It’s a 3BHK empty apartment. I’ll have only 4 more girls with me, and am taking only 1K as ‘deposit’. Would you like to join in? ” I was like doing the “God’s plan” song in cloud number nine then.

Turns out the apt. was only 20 min. walking distance from where a few sets of volunteers (I was in it) were assigned to work, Adil Shah Palace.

Well, from here onwards I would like you to just slowly scroll and scroll the images and try to see the depth of each one of them. Photography was done by Vivek.

*These images are only of the events happening at Adil Shah Palace (there are 9 other venues)*

Performances by the Day At Serendipity 2016


Night performances at the Art Fest Event (venue:DB Ground and Kala Academy)

Wolves of Goa Street for 15 days of the Event

Streets of Goa

The residents of Goa seem to be bold with colours. The bright and beautiful hues of red, yellow and blue on the exterior walls of homes were waving for attention. And not only the colours the textures were also intriguing.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a lover of travel, food, design or music, Goa offers you the best of the meal to your eyes and all your senses. And so it was the perfect pick for the event organizers of SAF.

You’ll also see me dancing with joy in this video below, apart from all the bright happenings captured.

I’ve learnt so much about life and perceptions towards people and things through performance artists. I was delighted to meet the celebrities, that’s the closest I’ve ever been to them. Ohh, Papon ain’t in the photostream? You should catch more images on my Instagram.

While at the time of volunteering from 9 am to 10 pm, we used to chit-chat while having our meals in a rush. But we volunteers made sure to explore as much of Goa as possible. So 10 pm to 3 am were our beach and market visits. So yup, barely 4 hrs. of sleep for at least last one week.

It’s a ritual that Sapan and I celebrate Christmas the most, out of sheer interest and love. So I left on 23rd Dec. with a bagful of memories, lots and lots of contact numbers and a winning price for being one of the best volunteers in the span of the event. And these are the collectables.

There is something up for grab as a GIVEAWAY!!! Check out my Instagram for that.


Please do hop in at their 2018 event for an unforgettably astounding experience. Here are links you’d be looking for:

Serendipity Arts Festival Website for event’s details

For Registration as an attendee

To get the most Apply as a Volunteer

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