Heya! Since I am also a calligraphy artist, I have been asked a lot many questions regarding calligraphy. For e.g. “why did you choose to become a calligrapher?”, “since how long are you a calligrapher”, “who inspires you in calligraphy?” etc.

So I felt like, sharing my journey to become a calligraphy artist, with you. Since this is also the first post under the stationery category; I will start with reviewing Parker Fountain Pen for Calligraphy.

There is one advice for the beginners though, who are looking for switching to any form of art; always start buying the tools that are the cheapest and the most basic ones.

In my case, I began hunting for the most basic tools in Calligraphy, and that was bamboo pens (with broad ends). The experience wasn’t good, as it was a messy affair ;P

In my childhood, to have Parker pen was a BIG deal. It was the pen for great writers and hi-class people. I remember when I gifted my brother a Parker pen when I was in class 7th. Boy! His expressions went bonkers.

So the second SPLURGE on my way to Calligraphy was Parker pen set. That was a Parker fountain pen priced at Rs.400/-, it was especially a Calligraphy set.

I still have the pen set. It has three broad nib attachments, two disposable ink cartridges and one refillable ink-cartridge. These are the points to be considered before buying them.

Review: Parker Fountain Pens for Calligraphy


  • Write in style (adds a classy persona)
  • Great for beginners
  • Doesn’t mess up hands while writing, but it does while refilling the ink cartridge. Compared to other fountain pens, this is the best buy for “broad Calligraphy” and is also good for italic calligraphy.
  • It is grab and go. Unlike setting up the work-station and dipping the pen in ink-bottle, this is a quicker way to get started with Calligraphy.


  • If you are looking for thinner strokes, then switch to other tools available as Calligraphy pens. The wide nibs of Parker fountain pens will give you thicker strokes, just like the bamboo pens.
  • The ink takes a long time to come out of the nib. You have to tap, shake the pen, squeeze the tip, dip in ink and do a jig to coax it out. Also, you need to use it daily, else the tip of the nib dries up and you will have to begin dancing yet again.

Thankfully these days you have workshops happening all over the nation. And you can learn a variety of scripts with the materials provided.

In 2012, I went on with this pen set for more than three months to get the hang on pressure while writing in Calligraphy. Till I found my calligraphy Guru.

Otherwise, I adore this brand a lot 🙂 Hope this post was helpful for the beginners, wannabe Calligraphers and Parker pen lovers. Please do comment below, if you have a say on this topic. Thank you so much for being with me. Adios!!