Caesarstone Quartz collection 2018

Quartz countertops in the kitchen are getting ahead in popularity than granite and marble these days. Well, in a few cases you can hardly tell the difference between an engineered stone (Quartz) and other stone surfaces.

Hi! In this post, I will tell you how and why I got attracted to quartz. Why is it becoming popular among the Interior Designers and the Architects? What are their pros and cons? And where else can you implement them for your day to day usage?

I loved the patterns on Quartz

I got introduced to Quartz countertops in the kitchen on my recent visit to Hafele (India store). Though my purpose of the visit was different, I couldn’t help but notice this shiny new captivating collections by Caesarstone.

From the current catalogue, I adored White Attica, Himalayan Moon, Caldera and Statuaro Nuvo.

My picks from their upcoming collection are Excava, Frozen Terra and Rugged Concrete.

Quartz in the Spotlight

Till yet Indian kitchens have emerged with granite or marble countertops. Since the era now is maintaining a balance between natural and manmade, this engineered stone named Quartz is a seemingly pleasing innovation.

Honestly, I am not much interested in its history or technical info. part. So, short story: Quartz is made up of about 90% ground up quartz (stone) mixed with a binder-type resin, and then moulded into slabs.

Quartz was considered an impersonal appearance to the customers. Thanks to contemporary elements and the need for calm zones inside our houses, that relaxing tones are becoming upbeats.

Not only that, even brands like Vadara and Caesarstone are infusing stunning designs in their quartz collections. Room for everyone dear ones!!


Petragrigio : Vadara
Calacatta Blanco : Vadara

Smooth and shiny finish to the touch, yet textured layers for the visual appeal are quite a catch with these collections.

Various Options on Employing Quartz

The fact that it is flexible and can be held in place by epoxy and glue instead of regular screws, not only used on countertops. They can also be used on shower enclosures, backsplashes, and most vertical surfaces (wall cladding).

Think of its placement in a bathroom with fixed sinks. It’ll be a smart move to use it for tabletops or for bench type seating.

In arts and commercial spaces, quartz can take place as winsome platforms for displaying sculptures. And if you are into designing and manufacturing chopping boards. Why not!

Excava : Caesarstone

Characteristics of Quartz

Here’s the moment when everything boils down to “what’s in it for me”? Let me walk you through those.

  • They are non-porous. They are by extension water-resistant to bacteria or mildew.
  • It offers more durability which is, in fact, its main selling point. It is one of the few materials which require very little to no maintenance as it is comparatively resistant to cracks, stains, etching or chips.
  • You can maintain their finish for years, by simply wiping surfaces with a mild detergent and water from time to time
  • Apart from traditional smooth and shiny finish it also features other finishes like the honed or suede finish which have a soft brushed feel and the concrete style finish.
  • Its core ingredient is mostly leftover bits of mineral, which is a better environmental choice when compared to other alternatives.
  • Due to tech. advancements they are able to feature organic-looking variations (e.g. marble and soapstone) with their appearance.
  • They are however intolerant to high temperatures. So they should be protected from the heat of scalding pots and pans by using a trivet underneath.
  • Thanks to its outstanding properties, they are comparatively quite expensive.

That’s it, only two cons! But I know the cost at times blinds you for all its great features. At the same time, conscious living is about making the right choice aka choosing quality over quantity.

You might have heard or seen Quartz countertops in spaces since a year or two ago, but then it was not in vogue. Now, it is the most preferred element in residential and commercial interiors.

Share your story if you have already experienced Quartz countertops. What is your opinion, will you be looking forward to incorporating them into your home?