I am a lover of fragrant candles. Yup, that goes very much in tune with what I do otherwise… calligraphy. But when I came to know about Philips Hue Lighting, my mind shifted towards all things smart living.

I mean, the phones have become smart, so did the games and everything else. But none noticed the lightings going smarter. That’s because the best we do is to buy a chandelier.

Meet Hue the next generation lighting technology by Phillips. *Woot Woot*

How does lighting tune your feelings? And how does Philips HUE helps?

Have you ever bunked your school because of a cloudy weather? I have. Instead, on any sunny day, I’ll pop out of bed and ready to take on the ugliest task first (eat that frog!).

Likewise, I realised that a cafe with yellow lighting is very welcoming and comforting to me. But in someone else’s case, it could give a contrary effect.

Studies suggest, that happens because “the intensity of light could also have an impact on the intensity of our emotions;  more intense the lighting, the greater a person’s emotions — both positive and negative”.

You see there’s a reason why discotheques have different lighting as compared to theatres. But hey, I want to shift your focus towards our homes.

Our home has it all. It is a discotheque for us, at times a  gaming zone, and even theatre (minus the resident’s drama ;)). Yet we do all sorts of activities under the same kind of lighting. A CFL or a tube frikkin light. If you’re a fancy kind, maybe to the farthest a chandelier or a candle (you got me there).

Since lighting has a direct effect on human’s well-being and health; HUE being the “Human-Centric” lighting novelty, will surprise you as much as it did to me.

When an alarm startles you up from a beautiful sleep; I happen to know that it is not at all good for the body. For which Philips HUE gradually increases light intensity and gives you the feeling that you are waking up naturally with sunlight.

Similarly, it makes you go to sleep by the cool blue effect, when you will set the sleep timing in your app. Likewise,  this innovation helps you to energize, relax and concentrate. How brilliant is that!!

What other changes a Philips Hue Lighting will bring in your home?

Now, what HUE can do more, is to help us incredibly with its classy features via an app to bring in the much-required ambience for our creative endeavours or any daily tasks.

So just like how music can make you feel jolly, calm, energized etc. Philips HUE has the same power to wrap your activities with the ambience you would want at that moment.

It can even bring in the soothing rays of the sun or cooling waves of the sea into your home, anytime.

Also, with the help of the app., you will have the full control of lighting, even when you are away from home. So the sudden rising thoughts of “oh shucks! I forgot to switch off the lights” will not happen further.

NextGen Lighting By Philips Controlled by your SmartPhones (some SmartWatches too)

It’s like playing games with your home-lighting via the app. It’s well-navigated and is easy to operate. You can name the lighting as per your like. Trust me there’s one YouTuber who named the themes as HUE Grant, HUE Jackman and HUE Hefner 😀

Since the life now is all about smartphones and smartwatches, I don’t think you’ll bother to run after switchboards as soon as your guests will ring the door-bell.

Thankfully now,  smooth dimming, flash and pulse of the lighting in your home interiors will be without the involvement of an electrician, installation and the likewise hassles.

You can set the colours of light according to your home decor, and paint your walls from the widest range of over 16 million colours available in the app.

I discovered that these features are just the prime ones to portray, there are a lot more astounding features the app has that goes along with the functionality of the Philips HUE lightings. Hey! I’m curious… what about you?

Is there anything regarding this post, that ignites your mind with questions and perspectives? Then please do share your thoughts in the comments and I will be glad to have a chat on that.

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