Pop quiz!! Consider, if your home had only the things you needed and very least of what you wanted. Now, which of these do you agree with?

  • There will be more floor space
  • Everything will be looking organized and in place
  •  Shifting from place to place will be easier
  • Will be owning only the best quality products
  • A Lot of savings
  • No space given for cockroaches and spiders and likewise insects to dwell in.

If you agreed with even one statement from above, that itself shows a lot of scopes for you to be inclined towards minimalism.

I mean, I have seen people’s beautiful balconies and extended windowsills, filled with old clothes, or boxes of newly bought dinner plates or pressure cookers and what not!

Even you know it!

You have so many things at your home right now, that :

  • You aren’t aware of
  • Not been in use since 1 and a half year ago and no way that’d be in use for future as well
  • Emotionally capturing your mind, but are of no practical use anymore


How did I realise I am practising Minimalism bit by bit?

It’s been ages since I am hopping into different apartments, in different locations of Pune city to reside.

I have heard from many, that shifting is a big pile of mess work. And that it starts a week before and continues to a week after shifting to a new home (Pssst… for some it is not a week, rather a month’s mess).

In my case, the percentage of trouble while moving is way lesser than many others I know.

I remember making a pact with my partner from the very beginning, that we won’t ever carry the weight of things we “want”.

I mean wanted things are good in case of decorating, but hey there too is a thin line of controlling the craving. So, if you too are an occupant and temporary dweller, then living in minimalism is the key to living happier. Let me explain in bits.

This is how life takes you away from Minimalism

If there is even a slightest change in your feeling and it is going towards getting better at organized living, then you have come to a right post!

Let me guide you how unknowingly you piled up the mess and how not to repeat that again.

# Too many things at home lead to too many storage boxes.

So chances are that the drawers, shelves and cupboards may seem less in numbers to stuff in all the unnecessary things you own.

Letting go of the things you feel you want, but haven’t used them in a year, is an essential thing to do.

Get away from those things. You’ll then need much less furniture to store them and hence make a pretty clear-headed living.

# Too many home-decor pieces

“Same-pinch” you on that!

Being a lifestyle blogger, I heart to stay updated with new collections and hence end up buying stuff that is just gonna sit for a while, until something new comes up.

Now there are two ways to deal with it. Either you have a partner, who stops you at the billing counter and checks and ask “do you really need this?”.


You buy them and get away with the previous ones by putting up a “garage-sale” kind of thing. Don’t just keep on storing them at the dry-area, it will soon take over your functional space too.

#Too many reasonable products

So here’s a simple e.g., I need a face cream. I bought a reasonable cream, that didn’t fulfil my requirement.

That’s why I bought a night cream. Then a sunscreen cream. Then a highlighter. Then blah blah blah…


Rewind! I bought a cream from Victoria Beckham brand. Snap! Though, the cost of it may be equal to or more than the former case. But, just one quality product equals space-saving, time-saving, stress saving and God knows what all types of saving!!

The same concept fits in home furnishings and appliances.

Here are few tiny lifestyle changes to enter in the world of Minimalism. Which are very easy!

# Minimalism is not equal to Monochromatic

I know whenever someone comes up with a word “minimalistic home” your mind projects an image of completely white interiors. Just like most of the Pinterest images right?

But no dear. Minimalism doesn’t mean living in a white conch. It can be darn colourful as you love.

If you are into bohemian interiors, you can still be practicing minimalism. That is by using the plants and some heavy patterns on home furnishings.

If given a choice, I will paint the walls in blackberry colour! But letting the room breathe is a game changer. Thus giving a good space in intervals gives a good break from the visual point of view.

# Fresh flowers are always right

When in doubt regarding freshening up space and giving it a different look… go for fresh flowers.

The time taken by a new fresh flower to replace the current dried ones is comparatively lesser than a cobweb to appear on the plastic ones.

One advice though, grow your own flowers than plucking from your society garden. ;P

# Shed burden by owning only sleek furniture designs

Whenever you buy a furniture, don’t go for a lightweight (until it is smartly made with a durable material). But do pick up a sleek design.

Look for thinner legs of a sofa, table, cupboards etc. And opt for compact almirahs and shelves.

Go for a DIY creative headboard, and save that extra money. Rather than buying a bulky one. Generally, headboards add much weight to a bed, just for a fancy visual.

# Head to creative and smartly designed furniture

Always pick things that are

  • Non-bulgy
  • Transformable (e.g. a coffee table transformed into a dining table)
  • Technology-oriented (e.g. remote controlled or click-through operations)
  • Portable pieces (e.g. table with lock-in tyres).

Such things will definitely cost you more, but the worth of it will remain with you at least for 5-12 years.

In the end, if at all you want to fill up more space.  I will always recommend putting up plants for show-off. I cherish them more than any decor piece. They are very responsive, great for the environment, thousands of options to pick from, and are more lovable than anything flashy.

And… there you go. These are the least changes to be done, to live a lighter and much lesser chaotic life.

One more thing! Loving your kid is obvious. But loading your kid with too many toys is of no use or help, neither to the home nor to you and to your kid. You’ll soon know when your child will value the things that matter the most and are present only in minimal things 🙂

Have you ever considered opting for a minimalistic living? What is that one thing that keeps you away from minimalism?


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