HeyO! It’s lettering kinda day!!

You might be aware of the fact that am into Calligraphy also. And the reason I learned calligraphy was because I saw a few of the artworks in home decor images on Pinterest.

Now that it just strikes me, why don’t I actually take you through the ones that might inspire you too?

Let me guide you through the possibilities and varieties with which you can bring home some quirkiness.

Reasons Why Lettering will be an interesting addition to Home Decor

Do you realize whenever you watch a movie with subtitles on, your mind asks you to focus on what’s written; more than anything out there.

So, for you, lettering with an affirmation or a funny quote can pump up your every day.

For your guests, it will be an interesting and inspiring addition to your home decor.

It’s like having your home talking to you or about you.

I have one funky quote written, “Hey Good Lookin'” in calligraphy. I then framed it and placed it on the window sill of the common bathroom at my home. Each time any of our guests/visitors use the bathroom. They come out with a smile, mentioning “the quote is so cool!!”

Now, straight we go to the ways with which lettering can be brought into notice via your home decor elements.

Options to bring Home Letters and Words

Thankfully there are gazillion ways to add lettering to your home decor. By the way, it is not limited to home decor. It could also be a design feature on your home utility products.

This is the list of options for you.

  1. A quirky quote on the welcome mat would be a great start.
  2. These days thankfully affirmations are on trend. Pick up your favorite quote and make an artwork out of it.
  3. You will also get wall stickers or decals with an alphabet or a beautiful quote.
  4. Lighted marquee made of wood is a great option too!
  5. Go ahead and paint your favorite monogram on a furniture piece. It will add a personality to it.
  6. You can even paint a quote or your favorite words at the height part of the stairs.
  7. Consider having a portion of your wall painted in chalkboard color and then enjoy the moments of writing motivating messages on them.
  8. A lettered wire photo stand is what am hunting for right now.
  9. Beautifully done mural with lettering content having your lovable quote.
  10. A neon sign is super trendy and will brighten any corner of your home.
  11. Consider a desk planter with a quote or word written on it.
  12. You will also get wallpapers with adorable writing styles as a print on them.
  13. Words on your coffee mug will be extra something apart from the coffee to energize you.
  14. Introducing lettering on a throw pillow cover, which is pretty much fun to look at.
  15. If you love candles like me, then there are fragrant candles with lettering on its glass casing.
  16. Definitely a yes to lettering on trinkets.
  17. You will also get lettering on furnishing elements. A chair with vintage lettering as upholstery on it will look so country style.
  18. In the kitchen, there are various cooking ingredients and spices that we keep in a glass jar. Naming on the glass jar will give clarity & help your husband or visitors to identify them. It is also helpful in organizing.
  19. A funny message on your laundry bag can go far happening than the usual one.
  20. Words written on wooden coasters is so connecting.
  21. Oh, the best one is to find a letter (if you have any), sent from your parents or a dear friend/partner or spouse; insert it in a photo frame and place it on a desk.

And if you get no such thing easier to find in the local market, do pick up a magazine rack and stack it up with magazines having stunning lettering on them. I promise your visitors won’t get bored.

Speaking of Magazines and Books, here’s how you can balance your collection with Minimalistic Decor

Types of Lettering

There so many ways to show-off your favorite words, monograms and quotes on any surface. Listed below is just a few of them.

  • Quilling
  • Typewriting
  • Hand-written letter
  • Calligraphy
  • Watercolor painting
  • Cardboard cuts
  • Chalkboard lettering
  • Hand-lettering on walls
  • Pinstriping
  • Spray painting
  • Paper cutting
  • Lettering with patterns
  • Golden embossing
  • Plywood cuts
  • Embroidery
  • Upholstery on wooden monograms

God knows there are hundreds of other ways for the letters to show up.

Selected DIY Lettering for your Home Decor

It was hard for me to pick the appropriate DIY(s) among the sea of projects out there on the internet. The below links will take you to the respective websites. Further which you can decide to pick and go try the letterings on your own. Enjoy!!

Easy DIY wall art made of lettering on glass.

Marquee signboard with lights in it. That’s kinda all you need.

Make a stunning monogram planter centerpiece.

Check this out, how to make solid gold letters.

And the last but not the least one to try. A tutorial of watercolored wooden letters.

If you need some help in figuring or visualizing on how would you like to go for lettering related decor and other pieces? Then I have carefully selected and curated a Pinterest board, especially for this task.

I hope you got what you were looking for under the same category. Well, don’t mind, but don’t get confused with the numerous options.

If you find the lettering that suits your style on readymade home goods. It’s great!
If not, then pin down the words or quotes that you would heart to have in your home.
After that pick the right form of lettering, on the surface type that you adore.
And then go for the DIY that will suit your home decor style.


Do you own any home good which has any affirmation or a quote or a letter is written? Would you like to go for fun-filling DIY or you would rather opt to purchase a lettered product?


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