A tan leather sofa is a trend-free and season free furniture element. It is the most stunning piece in interiors, one can have for their style statement. Introducing “Chesterfield Sofa” in leather.

If you are a lover of things that hold style and panache; then this sofa is going to please you throughout your lifetime. Though there are so many other sofa designs present in the market that can allure you. But, your craving to have a classic charm will be fulfilled only by this one.

No matter what’s the climate outside, most of our weekends are spent within our homes. We relax and binge while watching Netflix or Amazon Prime (thanks to the traffic and online ordering comforts).

In such moments, this piece hugs you with all its comfort and warmth while you have fun being entertained. It keeps you cosy throughout the year because it remains warm in winter and cool in summer.

A study says “The atmosphere of modern cities is polluted from the burning of carbon fuels with sulphur dioxide gas, which can accelerate leather’s deterioration. Modern leathers are tanned and dressed to resist these harmful chemicals.” And above all, it is such a timeless piece of furniture that graciously ages and is a great investment in elegance.

There are many ways to style a tan leather sofa. Accentuate it by hanging a striking and large artwork behind it. A handcrafted rug beneath the front two legs of the sofa will uplift its charm.

Accessorize in minimalism around the sofa, to make it the focal point of your room. Not necessarily you need to have a sofa, a tan leather day-bed or a chair will also bring in an equal effect. My favourite is Chesterfield, the tuft on it holds bountiful of luxe rays.

Minimalism for Indian Lifestyle


For additional information, go ahead to know more about a leather sofa, it’s types and history. 

What is your choice of furniture that you feel is a must have at home for an impactful style statement?


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