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When I received the invitation to visit the Callisto Elements store, I had a set perspective towards the inventory. I thought the styling of the store, would be a platitude. But am so glad to share with you that I was all wrong there. 
I noticed the collection was unbelievable, the moment I stepped into the store. I began screening each of the design elements like a hawk.
It was a store space wherein not only the furniture was stunning, but they gave importance to the ambience throughout. Right from the classy flooring to brilliant lighting setup; it was a place that elevates your experience to another level.
The best part about Callisto Elements store was the detailing in styling it up. I mean, the decorative items and artworks weren’t placed just for the sake of it. It stitched the luxe ambience with mindfulness and personality.
As soon as I stepped in the bedroom section of the store, it felt like I am in a classy George Clooney movie. The walk-in closet attached to the bedroom was starry and so luxe.
The Callisto Elements team were very polite and welcoming. Thankfully it wasn’t a store meant for interior designers and architects only. I know how less of the options are there for Pune people to visit such a gorgeous and well-styled interiors space.

“The vision of Callisto Elements is to become a specialist in the premium segment of furniture needs. We intend to eliminate the scarcity of skilled labour and prolonged underway sites and provide the best of world-class designs & quality at a reasonable cost. “

Matters Concerned to Interior Designers and Architects of Pune : Callisto Elements

How does the service differ from the competitive interiors brands?
The raw materials we use are top in industry standards. We use high-quality calibrated plywood, unlike MDF used in imported furniture. For metal works we use only SS 304 grade; for coatings, we use Sirca / ICA Italian polish; and for hardware fittings, we use only the best of the German made. 
According to the required schedules, the custom designs could be made. By the time civil, plumbing, electrical work etc. finishes, we’ll manufacture the furniture. Exactly as per the designer’s specifications, the product will be manufactured. Because of our timely follow-ups, furniture delivery will be punctual.
What is the costing like, compared to the conventional carpentry or premium imported furniture?
As compared to the active A class carpenters and contractors, our products are very reasonable. Especially the superior details provided by Callisto is unmatchable to carpenter’s work. 
The quality of raw materials offered by Callisto Elements is exclusive and is incomparable with China market. Our products are reasonably priced also as compared to Italy and Milan market. The customisation is possible at the best with no extra charges.
 What is the strength of Callisto Elements? 
SS304 Metal work is our speciality to add elements to design along with our other specialities like polishing, woodworking, upholstery, glasswork, etc. Manufacturing of all products is in-house under one roof which ensures impeccable finish and timely delivery. Every product and fitting used has a guarantee and after-sales service. 
I specifically liked the furniture designs there because they looked so sleek and light in appearance. 
Let me be clear though; this store is a must visit, irrespective of your budget, intention and sense of style. I am very sure that you will find it stunning and inspiring. In other words, Callisto Elements store is like visiting Pinterest “decor section” live.
Though luxury has many definitions, if it fits well with your requirement; then it is not a splurge. Rather is an investment.
Have you ever been to a decor store that has uplifted your experience like never before?
Store Address: City Point, Boat Club Rd, Sangamvadi, Pune