Hello to you! Today am going to tell you about the job-role of an Interior Stylist. Before that… We all know, that here in India, we people prefer to do everything on our own.

Though there’s nothing wrong with doing tasks on our own, one needs to have a knack for that work.

So if for e.g. you want a centre table and after much thought, you decide to make it yourself. Buying the tools and going through its user manual won’t help you at all. You must know the knowledge of materials required, its features and a lot more.

I remember when my parents have decided to give a job to a relative of ours for making our house.

He is a Civil Engineer. But am sure without much of a streamlined and focused knowledge he played the part of Architect & Interior Designer as well.

As I’ve mentioned about traits of being a skilled interior designer, he wasn’t up to the mark.  We were so particular on appointing different people for different job-roles, but no, it didn’t happen cuz of that guy. Anyway…

My motto here is to let you know that either you must let go and appoint someone for work you don’t know how to do. Or if you want to do it all by yourself, you better know the nerve of that task (and that doesn’t come easy).

So, we all tend to style up our home. But still, some homes don’t please you as much as the others do. If you do not have a clue or interest in making your space look better (which is totally fine), then it’ll be good to consider hiring an Interior Stylist. Let me walk you through what are their job roles.


Interior stylists are the one behind every still life image seen in editorial, advertising and in gorgeous home & interiors Instagram account. They are experts in trend forecasting, finding locations for a photo shoot and sourcing props for stunning captures.

Their presence is vital for a one-day room makeover, a remodelling project, on a special occasion in a home, home staging etc. They are high on demand for changing the look of a home from inside, that’ll make you feel awe-inspiring every day.

Stylists, refresh and update the space by understanding the psychology of residents. An Interior Stylist goes through the likes, inclinations and interests of residents.

They give possessions a different perspective, a stylish arrangement and purpose; they up-cycle, re-invent and repurpose with what already is present into something fresh and new.

When I was working as an Interior Designer, I was so much into throwing out all the old stuff and begin from new. But since each home has heirlooms, so a stylist only will know, how to showcase it in a home in a best possible way.

These stylists also handle colour-palette direction, helping residents exploring their lifestyle and resolving design dilemmas is all part of a home design consultation.

They also offer validation and guidance to their client to make the best interior styling choices and decorating purchases. They make the rooms look balanced, functional and unified. Mostly or not by enhancing and documenting the things already present in a home.

So far the information I shared here is all about their importance. And how much can they come to your rescue while your home is in redesigning mode? I will soon come up with detailed blogs regarding Interior Stylists.

Have you known about such designation? Have you ever hired someone to do the styling of your home/office? What are your thoughts on this separate branch of job-role from Interiors service industry? 

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