Since childhood, I have a thing for swing. Am sure you also might have experienced the thrill of it. Complexities in our adulthood just bring a full-stop to all these adorable moments right? This post is for you my dear. So get back in your pajamas and swing your heart out.

I had a swing inside my home (it was a govt. quarter) in my school days. One fine day my brother jumped on it, while I was swinging. His fun moment broke both the swing and my calmness.

Well, it’s summer to monsoon time. And now we both yearn to have one at each of our homes.  So if you are also fantasizing a cool or sophisticated or cozy looking swing for your home. Let me guide you. *I will call a hanging chair, a swing in this post.*

Difference between Swing, Hanging Chair and Hammock

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To begin with, an indoor swing is a good option if you live in a bungalow. Swings are basically without back-support and the oscillation is much higher. So they are suggested to be placed outdoor (garden/porch). Some of the types are tire, sling, disc rope, etc. And they are majorly meant to be used by kids.

Hammock, on the other hand, is a relaxing swing made of fabric or net. You can even sleep in them. But hammock needs a good lot of space. Hang them near a window or use a corner area by hanging it diagonally. Do keep in mind, it should not come in the way of walk-flow area of your home.

For us, my comfort-loving apartment-dweller human. We are blessed with hanging chairs. It takes the least space. With a floor-stand hanging chair, it can be moved anywhere anytime. With generous seating space and back support, you can put some cushions and throws in it. Voila! Done!!

If you need a space for two or three, then an outdoor bed swing is a good option. It can easily fit your apartment’s balcony if space allows.

Most of the time we do not consider having a swing inside our apartments, because of the non-supportive height of a room. Honestly, that should not be a matter of concern at all. Irrespective of how high the ceiling is, rope strings instead will give the appearance of having a room with pleasing height.

The cost of a comfy indoor swing starts at 1100/-, that of a hammock is 3K onwards and hanging chair’s cost begins from 8K. These are the costing as per online shopping. Am sure the local stores will have more reasonable options, that too on discounted rates.

Considerations while Purchasing a Swing


There are designer swings available in the market. Thanks to the incredible designers who don’t give up just like that. While buying a swing, consider these factors

  • The material from which it is made viz. cane, rattan, leather, etc. Macrame is in trend. Big time!!
  • Strength of the swing
  • The curvature of its seat
  • Whether you want a back-rest or not,
  • Who all will be using the swing
  • Your purpose for buying the swing. As in, is it just for a show in your living room or bedroom or will you be spending most of the time in it while reading books, etc?

Placement of the Swing Inside Your Home

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Positioning matters a lot, especially when you almost have to fix a space for the swing so that you don’t have to drill all around or fix clamping randomly.

Generally, corners are considered to be the best space for a swing, since it brightens the dead corner, by making it a functional space.

If you want to keep it at the center of the room, then make sure it also acts as a divider between two areas, viz. office & bedroom, living & dining.

As per my suggestion, the best spot for a swing would be near a window or a balcony, from where you can have the gorgeous view of the outside world while sipping a cuppa-coffee.

Styling your Hanging Chair


You can style them according to the way you live or the way the rest of your home is styled like.

You can go Boho by adding Kilim printed throws and rugs. Make it sophisticated by putting furs around. Coziness can be brought in, by stuffing the space with tiny soft pillows. Or you can just bring the charm in, by putting string lights throughout the string/rope.

Glam up the area around the hanging chair, by adding plants and place some books on top of an ottoman.

For Interesting Wall Colour Options check out these: Colour of the Year 2019

I hope this blog post motivates you to bring home a swing of your style, which is a great tool to relax you.

Tell me honestly, have you ever considered of having a hanging chair inside your home? If any reason stopped you to own one, what was/is that? Please let me have your thoughts on the comment section below. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the weather!!


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