You will never find the right time. Will never be ready. And never be able to figure out. Until you do, you begin, you start.

How often do we freelancers or the people who are trying to find out their voices, their arena, or area of expertise does ever feel confident of what they have finally chosen to do?

Believing in self comes much later. Focusing on that particular ability comes before that. And much before that comes the purpose or intention of choosing that platform.

It is darn difficult. In this era, wherein every information is just out there. For free. So much of distraction. So many options to choose from. How will you decide that this is it?

How to find the song of your life?

Not everyone is blessed with the clarity of achievements in the early stages of their life. Neither sharp vision of goals. Especially for a person like me, who has always chosen other’s opinion (so as not to hurt them by disagreeing), before having an individual outlook.

To be honest, if you are unclear about where do you belong, you should watch yourself. As in, what interests you, how do you want to see yourself doing what etc? All of your attention directs to what kind of books, images, places and things?

And if you sense yourself stretched to more than three areas. I suggest you start doing (cuz there’s no trying) all those activities that interests you. Every single day. Even if you don’t feel like. For e.g. gymming, photographing, sketching, going to different cafes/restaurants, even coding for heaven’s sake.

Track your senses. Which activity among those excite you? Was it fun to do that? Did you get an awesome idea related to it? Do you have the purpose of doing it more often?

Money has never been the answer.

NEVER. I repeat, NEVER ever come to a conclusion that has anything to do with earning money or following the market trend. Trust me your passion will burn out real soon.

I know there are a number of lucky people who got famous at one shot e.g. Pokemon Go, fidget spinner etc. but, they all had a history with their chosen arena. And even the idea of WhatsApp and Pinterest took years of brainstorming.

Again, before you even figure out how to generate income, name & fame out of it, you must enjoy the chosen field. Because only if you have fun doing it, comes the habit of spending time with it by practising and doing more. Which is enough to evolve in it and come up with fabulous ideas that will eventually bring attention, support, love and money.

There’s no reverse story to it.

Words like, patience, persistence, discipline, resilience, determination etc. might have been out and around you since ages. But there is hardly one or two domain that can strongly hold all of these for you.

So, my friend, life is all about having fun. Don’t burden it with worldly things that you don’t need. For which you have to kill or keep your passion aside and go on a path that doesn’t care about your heart, your thoughts and your values.

I hope and pray that you get your voice, your throne. Have a lovely time ahead.

4 thoughts on “How to find your passion in the world filled with options?”

  1. A nice post Tara, not sure if you remember me, it has been a really long time since I have been in the blogging space. it feels good to be back. I am with you completely on this. So far, I have had two startup experiences, passion alone is never the answer, there are so many intricate elements which define your calling and these seem to change every moment. After a while, you reach a consistent set of areas, it is darn heard – Money is never the answer, it just is a starking challeng till you establish yourself.. Phew!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Oh my God! Am so glad to have you here. It really has been a long time indeed Vinay. And it’s a delight to have your comment and to have noted that you are on the same page. Hope all your ventures are still going strong. Please do continue to inspire us. We need your wonderful blog posts.

      1. Thank you for being so kind Tara, I did miss being in this writing space and interacting with the wonderful people I met in the process. Started a little more work on the site and some more posts on motivation. Would love to have your view and thoughts when you have some time ๐Ÿ‘. Super nice to connect with you again ๐Ÿ˜Š

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