Namaste! Thanks for clicking on this part of my blog. Before you move one, I just want to mention that this blog is created for you; and not at all, all things about me.

About my Journey till yet

  • I am an art & interiors lover born in Trivandrum (Kerala) and raised in Bhilai (Chhattisgarh)
  • I completed B.E in electrical and electronics (bad bad bAd decision of mine) in 2009 from Indore (Madhya Pradesh)
  • After that, I pursued a 1-year Diploma course in Interior Designing from Pune (Maharashtra).

Because of which thankfully am not married to a Malayali and staying in Gulf with four kids and tonnes of gold. Not that I do not like such a sorted life, but I prefer standing out  ;P

  • Instead, I married my best friend and settled with the awesome  “Kashmiri Pandit” here in Pune
  • Whenever am not a Design+Lifestyle Blogger here, I am a freelance artist.

Ahem! I don’t know if those pointers sound cool or not. But am “living the cool” folks! 😀

More about Crimson April Blog

I started blogging in 2009. But I bought the domain and began full-time blogging in 2013. Since then it has been a pretty topsy-turvy ride. Let me share what does this blog have in for you:

  • Since I am living in a rented apartment, so you will be getting content relevant to Indian apartments; for both renters and owners.
  • I am too much driven towards local artists, makers, and designers. So this blog is also a platform, where you’ll get to know their story and what they make for you.
  • With too much of love for home products, I cover decorative as well as utility items and gadgets for the home. But the catch is I am a mindful buyer. I don’t purchase stuff just because it’s in trend or it’s out there with discounted price.
  • My intentional shopping list prioritizes on quality over quantity. I check it’s functionality, utility, and longevity.
  • The list of a variety of products that’ll cover all types of personality and style of living. So you can pick what suits you and your home the best.
  • I am super keen on the detailed living related to home and interiors.
  • Once a while you might also get articles on intentional living, affirmations, and events I attend.

My Purpose behind Blogging here

I have noticed, how much people miss out on living mindfully or purchasing mindfully for their home.

Your home is where you keep your entire belongings under one roof; it can be a tent, caravan, apartment or a bungalow. So space within it is precious.

A home is a place where you always come back to; from an office, a trip/long travel, or your parent’s place. It holds all your emotions. Remember the soft pillow you grab when you want to cry? Imagine that cushion to be all glittery and embroidered. That’ll hurt your face when instead all you want is a comfort.

This blog will cover all the things that you can relate to all your feelings and emotions. My intention is to help you make a home which acquires beautiful spaces for you to feel grateful about your life. So, I welcome you as a buddy here.

You can reach out to me via my email address (in my blog’s Contact page), for any doubts or queries related to home interiors.

I want you to stick around my blog for all things intentional living. I hope to serve you the best in my knowledge through this blog, to uplift your way of living purposefully. Have an awesome time ahead!