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Has this happened to you? That you bought something out of excitement and later on realize “why did I buy this for?”.

Well, when I first saw Turkish ceramics, the same thing happened. I couldn’t take my eyes off. I was like “This is mine and this one is also mine” and so on it went.

It was filled with beautiful designs, patterns and vivid colours. I was so glad to be in that cultural trade fair (Pune), at that moment.

The beauty of handcrafted Turkish ceramics was so enticing. Such items with complex yet balanced designs are in existence since the 15th century.

I just adore the concept of imperfectly perfect. The designs that have unnoticeable traces of human errors in its details are captivating to me.

I plunged onto their products. Asked for the cost, it was 300/- for a bowl. I bought four bowls out of sheer excitement.

So you bought the Turkish ceramics. Now, what!?

After reaching home, (as in most shopping stories); I realised it is so beautiful inside. Like the stunning designs are all “INSIDE”. What shall I put in them?

How to use them, so that its beauty is still visible? Also, I was scared what if any liquid or semi-liquid dish will spoil the colours?

I checked the internet and saw pictures of people displaying Turkish ceramics on walls for decor. And I was like… “wait! did I just spent 1200/- onto something that’s not functional, even though it was meant to be?”

For few hours I was not liking myself for what I have done. I mean, of course, you can hang them on a wall as an art piece, but I wasn’t ready for that.

Eventually, I thought of all the uses it can be of. For e.g. to use as a prop for photography, keeping candies in them,  offering biscuits in them to visitors, use it as a ring holder etc.

Then what are the uses of Turkish ceramics?

So today I this post is going to clarify all your curiosity related to Turkish ceramics. And how to use them purposefully. Of course apart from hanging them on a wall. Woot Woot!!

As my research went deeper and deeper towards this one thing. I got to know that they are Lead-free (food safe), Dishwasher safe and Microwave-safe.

They are also used for serving tapas (a Spanish appetizer), mezze (selection of small dishes in Balkan cuisine), and can be used as a pinch pot in the kitchen.

Definitely, I can replace, tapas and mezze with Indian cuisine.

So I was at ease that all that money didn’t go in vain. I begin to serve myself some kheer in that bowl. After all most of the things we buy out of excitement are because WE got attracted to it.

So we must enjoy it, rather than keeping it on the shelf and use it only for serving the guests. Don’t think or act on “We’ll take them out on occasions”? No, you are special. So do everything that brings you such feelings. Use them for yourself. Period!!

Okay now coming back to the topic; I slowly began to understand that, the concept of its inner design is just the reverse. It is not that if we serve a dish in them, the design won’t be visible.

In fact for someone who is experiencing it for the first time, will eat the entire content, that’s served in the bowl. Because slowly and steadily the designs begin to show up. Interesting tale each time when someone devours the dish.

Not only that, the focus remains majorly in the bowl, comparatively. Emm… I don’t know if that’s a good point or not.

But after all this jazz, if you still would love to hang them on the walls; You can use “Invisible English Disc Adhesive Plate Hanger”.

Not only for Turkish ceramics but also if you own a ceramic that is worth to be displayed on the wall for all that pride, they are heavy duty hangers.

Alright, I got it! But why shall I buy Turkish Ceramics in the first place?

Whenever I open my kitchen shelf, its pop colours just brightens up the whole compartment. Its colours bring vibrancy to wherever I keep them.

That’s why I always will suggest to fill up your home goods with things that bring a smile to your face. The things that bring you pride of owning it.

Also, you won’t find any glass bowls or other ceramic bowls, as vivid and attention-grabbing as this one.

Do you love design? This one is a great start for your home.

Now, where to buy them from?

Though I bought the bowls at a trade fair, thankfully these days you can buy them online.

But be careful about choosing the source. Search for lead-free ceramics. Even some well-known websites can give you an incomplete description.

Well, this applies to anything you buy online. Huh!! Whom am I writing this to anyway??!

This is the recommended source to purchase authentic ceramics (Turkish).

Disclaimer: Don’t you get carried away. They have magical stuff in there, that will keep you busy in shopping for longer.

Alright design lovers, hope you had great clarity about Turkish ceramics. Tell me, if you would ever buy them, will you display them on a wall or use them to serve dishes?

Write soon!

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