I was at Trivandrum, to celebrate Onam with my parents this year. So I missed attending one major event that was happening in Bangalore. I received an email and the event was regarding a GO Screwdriver kit introduced by Bosch.

This gen next screwdriver had changed the approach towards drilling completely. In fact, it also changed the process of drilling. I am glad to be a bit part of this kit’s launch and to be able to share the news with you about this upcoming tool in the market.


Even though placing the term “smart” as an adjective, I feel it shouldn’t be called as a screwdriver. Because that later term connects with the menace I went through at each major DIY(s) and for even hanging the tiniest thing on the wall. It instead is a kit for DIY lovers and a kit that is a must-have for each home.

Powered by Lithium-Ion battery, this smart screwdriver is compact. Hence, it is easier to carry around anywhere, anytime. This tool is 4 times more powerful than any screwdriver existing in the market. Impressive yeah!?

Bosch appliances are heavy duty machines. But they are built with innovative and ergonomically designs for easy operations that would function for a good amount of your life. Likewise, this kit is an investment than a mere tool.

This one is so easy and simple to operate that, while you push the driver in, it fixes a nail. It also has a feature for precision.

Its intelligent E-clutch stops, when you want to stop driving the nail. Consider using this for fixing nails on the wall, wood, ply and likewise surfaces.

Also, its usage doesn’t limit till fixing wall-arts or making your own furniture. Wherever you want to unscrew or loosen the screw, you just need to slide the power mode on a reverse. Done!!


“The tool is designed to be as close to the shape and size of a manual screwdriver.”

Despite having a forward and reverse power mode, you can go on a manual mode, if you do not want this screwdriver to maneuver you 😉 By the way, I really liked and enjoyed watching the video below.



At the launch, Mr. Panish PK, regional sales director, and business head – India and SAARC – Bosch power tools commented.“Today, consumers expect a smart device for an enhanced performance, longer lifetime, and faster-charging cycles as well as compact designs. This new smart screwdriver combines all these features. Innovation has always been at the heart of our offerings and we are positive that consumers across the nation will benefit with this new tool from Bosch”

This tool-kit is indeed a great benefit for us. Especially because this lightweight (280 gms) with 33 piece accessory kit is quite reasonable.

They are available at Flipkart and Amazon. Can’t wait to own one and start building my home interiors bit by bit on my own. Thankfully now onwards I don’t need to hammer for hours, that too with added injuries 😛

I would love to read your opinion regarding this product, my friend. Where and for what will you be using this smart screwdriver?


Image Source: Bosch India