Like the uniqueness in each one of us is a good blending of nature and characteristics, so is in the case of interior styles. That’s why the interiors of a home, talk a lot about its residents.

There are various types of interior styles and that comes at the very last part of interior designing. Even if you aren’t interested in considering interior designing service, styling it up is something that will change the look of your home for each season.

Nope, the transformation to each style won’t be discussed today, rather the varieties will be. And more than that, this post is going to let you know about the art of blending interior styles. So here it goes…


I have two items at my home, one each belongs to traditional Kerala and Kashmir. Those are nelavelakku from Trivandrum and kangri from Srinagar.

We don’t have a home that’s ethnically sound. But if your home is all and only about Indian traditional look. Then you might want to consider a few modern designer items to jazz up space.

You don’t need to lose out on the ethnicity to bring in a modern vibe. Matching the colors and designs of your native roots will go really well with updated designer elements.

Cultural Orissa details with designer textiles for Indian Apartments by Crimson April Blog

Like in the above image the designer wall hangings as decor are the resident’s cultural touch-up. Whereas, the prints on cushion cover are modern and so is the designer accent chair on which they are placed.

If you are an ethnic decor lover, then this is a great way to style your home because otherwise using only ethnic elements will cause heaviness in the sight.

And by ethnic I don’t mean only Indian ethnicity. If you adore African prints and face masks then why not go for a similar printed rug and such tribal masks.

Likewise, whichever traditional decoration you’ve adored from the movies and Pinterest, you can bring them home. One of my friends has decorated her space is Japanese style, and it’s a heavenly feeling to be there.


Now, I understand whenever someone says farmhouse, we give a “well wow good for you” kinda look. But a farmhouse style doesn’t necessarily belong to a farmhouse bungalow. It will definitely work for Indian apartments as well.

The farmhouse is a term used for a home with a rustic look. If you are someone who loves age-worn finishes then you can definitely consider playing the look with contemporary designs to soften the set-up.

Rustic wood with contemporary design Indian Apartment Interiors

This is a non-complex and airy way to style up a home. With neat and need for more open space inside a house, this combination chooses to bring calmness.

It’s like the harmony between wood and steel, neutral colors and organic elements. A lot of subtle details are kept in mind while combining these two styles. Of course, you can pick up your favorites from each style and try to match it up.

I personally heart rustic and old finishes. Because of the beauty they hold in their imperfection. But when blending it up with contemporary elements, it just mellows the ruggedness and makes into a classic statement look.


If you are someone like me, who loves hanging out in a cafe because of the bar stools and raw walls; but are afraid to bring the same ambiance inside a house. Then this is a great mix up for a fearless you.

I simply admire the rusty and bare finishes an industrial look provides. The forms you will find in this style are majorly sharp clean geometric shapes.

But!! When you mix it up with cuteness, florals, pastels and slightly intricate designs via accessories and furnishings. Your home will definitely pull you back as soon as you think of going out.

The chic style will add a bit of complementing feminine base to the masculine contours of geometric metal elements.

blending Industrial chic style Interiors for Indian Apartments

To soften the ruggedness of industrial look, when mixed with chic accessories, wins a fair amount of compliments. Faux fur throws, velvet or tanned leather seating, bring warmth to a room, that has cold lines of metal in the decor. Add up a muted rug to give all the robust play a soft foundation.


Now thissss!!! Patterns are something that takes my attention the most, as soon as I enter a room. And why not!?? They are just like music. They have the power to tune your mood in seconds.

When I hear classic glamour. All I sense is “do not touch” kind of elements. Things like bold plain furnishings, metallic finishes and lots of glass and mirrors.

Such a room can be filled with soul and warmth by adding some playful patterns. That will bring a chin-up situation to a friendly approach and sweet talks.

When keeping classic glamour in mind, black and white set-up feels timeless, but there must not be any restrictions to be considered.

Spray of gold and shine on decor elements gives a lot of space to play with while styling. And when this glamour is teamed up with patterns, it uplifts the look of a room in multifold level.

Touch of gold finishes with patterned furnishings for Indian Apartments in classic glamour interiors

If you are someone for whom minimalism doesn’t work much, then this mix allows you to add layers of accessories and help you bring the drama in your home.

These are the four superb ways to stir up your different home styles. I would always suggest you go for a blending of two different styles like the above listed. They’ll give you more options to breathe in possibilities.

Please always do keep in mind that not everything goes well with anything unless you have in-depth knowledge about colors and patterns. Or unless if you have undergone through some expensive mistakes.

Do begin with having elements in your home that speaks much about you, and not about the current market trend. From there, you can slowly build up to a pleasing look.

Please share in the comment; Which one among the above mixtures of home styles did you like the most or is the very YOU kind?

Have a happy blending!!


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