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Heya! I have always fancied having a bathtub in my bathroom. Have you too? Little did I know about the types and varieties of bathtubs available in the Indian market. So this post is all about that.

I came across the concept of bathtubs when I used to watch Western Movies. It became so obvious to me that, every home there, has bathtubs.

After much research, I came to know, that we don’t value bath-zones much. As in, we don’t want much space to be wasted for the bath area. And we won’t spend so much for a “relaxing” bathing experience. Sigh!!

It’s the details of daily beautiful experiences we must focus on. So, if you are craving to have a bathtub in your home, then I would say “go chase your dreams” 😉

Types and Designs of Bathtub

Mostly these tubs are made from porcelain, acrylic or fiberglass, but there are some that are made of metals (luxe brass & copper). Now that you have made your mind and are willing to buy a bathtub for your bathroom interiors. Then I am here to let you know the variety and styles of bathtubs, that will help you decide on which one to acquire.

3-wall Alcove Tubs

Bathtub Types Crimson April Blog

This (commonly seen) one is recessed between three walls. It allows a wall-mounted shower and can also be accompanied with built-in storage cabinets. Generally, this is installed, while at the time of building a house. So, for this type, there must be an architectural recess aka “alcove” that can fit in this bathtub. Otherwise, hop on to the next one.

Range: 16 K onwards

Freestanding Tubs


Smelling freedom? This type is a great rescue from all kinds of space issues related to owning a bathtub. It is versatile enough to get accommodated in whichever way you want to align it viz. diagonally, centrally, etc. Most of the pieces will have the taps and faucets mounted on them. The variety of designs for this bathtub type is vast. You can pick one according to your home style e.g. contemporary, minimalist, exotic, etc.

Range: 73K onwards

Drop-in Tubs


This type of tub is custom-made on a frame or is sunk into the floor. The tub is supported by its outer rim that is fixed to the frame. It is kind of an old-style, but if space allows, it can also be made in an oval or circular shape, unlike the constrained rectangular alcove tubs.

Range: 23K onwards (varies according to shape)

Clawfoot Tubs


It is a subcategory of a freestanding bathtub. Rather this type will take you to a vintage era. You will get the option of rolltop and a plain rim. If your rest of the home decor, is more of retro style, then bring home this tub to fill in the gaps.

Range: 50K onwards

Loved the wallpaper in the above image? Check out this post on Chinoiserie.

Corner Tubs

This type is recently getting a lot of attention not only because of its corner-space-saving property but also because of its capacity to accommodate two people 😉 These are the only few of the specialties of this tub. Rest all the features are kind of similar to the other tubs.

Range: 23K onwards

Whirlpool Tubs

The most expensive among all, this tub has the sauna properties, with light-therapy and in-built massaging jets. I have seen them in some lavish hotels, but if you are looking at it as an investment to your home, then you are nowhere wrong.

Range: 75K onwards

I recall the first time I saw a bathtub in an Indian bathroom was when I visited Padmanabhapuram Palace (in Kerala). The bathroom has huge bathtubs made of mixed stones. To my wonder, those stones had natural cooling and therapeutic properties.

Bathtubs do not belong only to spas and luxury hotels. Either you own a bungalow or an apartment, the bathtub would be a great investment for your emotional up-downs. After all, there’s nothing wrong in feeling like a member of the Royal family in those refreshing moments.

*Best Indian Brands for the bathtub that I rely on are Kohler, Jaquar, and Hindware. You can have a look at the price range and options in this link. This is not a sponsored post.*

What is your perspective on buying or not buying a bathtub? Do you think it is a great investment as compared to an interior design service done for your home?


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