The bathroom plants that I will be sharing with you today are best suited for Indian apartments (tiny bathrooms).  Curating this article took me almost three days. And am glad for that hustle.

I had to check whether all the plants are available online to buy, how fast will they grow, how easily can you manage, it took me ages to select the images etc.

These plants are not just plants. They will uplift the class of your bathroom. The moment your house guests will step-in, they’d be inspired by the sense of your home-styling.

Some of these plants have healing benefits, some are good in purifying air, some are great with least bothering because they work the best in the humid conditions. Cheers to bathroom weather!!

Even though I will write about how much to water them. The watering is not much of a concern. Since it’ll be in the bathroom, a bit of shower dancing will suffice 😀

Enough building your curiosity now… let me get started with which plants are they?

Tiny Bathroom Plants for Indian Apartments

Peace Lily

If you like flowers in your bathroom, then this is the one you are looking for. It doesn’t eat much of your bathroom space. And one important thing, this is one of the top indoor plants for cleaning the air.

It neutralizes toxic gases like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene etc. This plant prefers medium indirect sunlight. Good for you that it requires water once a week, but the only not so good part is that this is toxic for cat and dogs.

Snake Plant aka Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

I own this plant already and I know how luxe it looks in a white ceramic pot. The reason I bought is that it gives off oxygen at night. It requires moderate to bright light. Low to moderate watering is enough.

This one also filters out benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, toluene etc. Need not re-pot unless necessary. Also, this plant is toxic when eaten. Yup at times pseudo names can be genuine enough 😉

Golden Pothos aka Devil’s Ivy

Why the name devil’s ivy? Because it stays green even in the dark. Well, that pretty much defines, why it is best suited for bathrooms of Indian apartments.  This also is fine with low to moderate watering.

Since this plant has vines, it is great for hanging or can be kept over the bathroom cabinet. Only one thing in maintenance is that you need to untangle the vines once-a-while. It is great for filtering out earlier mentioned gases and is also toxic when eaten.

Planning for upgrading plants? Here’s the list of plants that will pump up your style status.

Aloe Vera

This one has been always around me since childhood. Apart from healing your cuts and burns from its gel, Aloe vera also is a great coolant for summers.

It clears the air from benzene and formaldehyde. Allow the soil to dry between waterings. Consider using a wider planter than a deeper one.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Plant for Tiny Bathroom in Indian Apartments

Yes indeed bamboo has many healing benefits, but for feng-shui tips, you must check out Google. This plant lives its fullest in humid conditions, i.e. it needs plenty of shade and a cool environment. What better than a bathroom yeah?

So more the moisture, lesser the watering required. It takes the least amount of space, among the other listed plants. It grows vertically than spreading around. And that’s what we want for a tiny bathroom. It is also the least demanding plant. *Attention please black thumbs*

English Ivy

It is well-known for removing the chemical benzene and off-gassing of other synthetic materials. It is said to be fantastic for asthma and allergies and also removes formaldehyde.

This plant comes under creeper type so it can be invasive. Thereby making it great for a potted plant, especially if hung from the ceiling. Hence, will give you maximum floor space in a bathroom.

Tillandsia (Airplant)

Ever because of Pinterest, airplants are quite interesting and fresh option to implement in indoors. They are small, exotic and require NO SOIL!! It has massive benefits:

  • Allow you to fight off that cold quicker. Thanks to their ability to reduce dust and increased humidity levels.
  • It can reduce stress to make you feel happier. It also helps you feel calmer and optimistic.
  • It helps in detoxing a room.
  • Air plants reduce carbon dioxide in the air during photosynthesis as well as remove chemical pollutants while adding oxygen back to help you breathe better.

It doesn’t require watering and sunlight much. Moisture is its friend. But it does require good amount of ventilation.

ZZ Plant

This plant with its shiny leaves takes me to a world of elves. It is beautiful, doesn’t require much sun and water, so it definitely sounds like a good-looking bathroom plant to me.

This one also has air purifying capabilities. It removes significant amounts of xylene, toluene, benzene and ethylbenzene from the air. It can brighten up your bathroom to the next level.


Apart from peace lily, if there’s one more option in flower plant, that doesn’t grow wild to invade your bathroom space, it would be orchid.

Luxe indeed it is with a touch of minimalism. It heightens up to give you more horizontal space. Its mere presence can reduce stress and improve air quality and humidity in a room. Plus a colourful orchid is bound to make anyone feel better, anytime.

Here ends the curation of the best bathroom plants for an Indian apartment. I hope you have found the post informative.

Which one among the listed, do you already have in your home? Have you ever considered putting a plant in your bathroom?


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