I am here listing 12 pointers on lifestyle changes for a happy and healthy living. These ones easily get kicked out of our daily life unknowingly.

We all are aware of few of the points that are generally fed to our brain. While talking to parents or reading an article or even when you ask for any advice.

Seems like some of the pointers are a solution to everything. For e.g. minimum eight hours of sleep, exercise, breakfast is a must, get up early and drink more water.

The more we listen to them, the more obvious it becomes and the less do we implement. But somehow we do realize that by bringing the smallest of such changes in our lifestyle, our mental and physical health affects our day beautifully.

Lifestyle Changes

#1      The madness of scrolling controls our time, apart from the entire day and especially right before going to sleep and right after waking up. I have no clue if anyone sleeps beside you or not, but am sure your phone lie next to your head. Since the first 10 minutes of morning sets the tone for your entire day, please don’t let someone’s marriage photos (via Facebook) or promotion news (via Whatsapp) break your heart and spoil your day. I suggest making your sleeping room a gadget-free zone.

#2       90-90-1 strategy. Practice this… For 90 days, devote the first 90 minutes of your day’s work schedule focused towards the number 1 priority. Why for 90 days? Well, it becomes a habit and raises your productivity level multiple folds.

#3       If the previous one seems too much for you, then jot down three things you would like to accomplish in 12 hours of your day. Provided this jotting down moment occurs a day before. In this way, you’ll stay much active in advance and will have a clear head to deal with.

#4       Never go grocery shopping while you’re hungry. I don’t know about you, but whenever I do it, I never pick up healthy stuff. I always rather reach out to ready-to-eat snack packets, frozen snack packets and likewise. All deep fried items get a real estate in my grocery trolley.

#5       Create morning rituals you look forward to. Like in many cases, the mind wakes up before the eyes open. While waking up, I think of having a cup of green tea and practising Calligraphy along. That makes me jump out of my bed and begin the day instead of hitting the snooze button. Such thoughts are developed through practice. Note down your ritual and start to keep a slot in your brain to make it recall you about it early in the morning.

#6       Stop waiting for… Fridays, first of any month, 9 am or 6 pm for any task. We pick up such moments for the things we know are really important, but LOVE to procrastinate. E.g. starting to workout, having smoothies/salads, walk out to fetch milk/veg., staying away from the phone, telling your parents about your start-up/relationship. Hugh!! C’mmon… NOW, NOW is the time. You will get no other time better than that. You are only making it a “BIG DEAL” by delaying. Just do it!!

#7        Start using positive affirmations. Oww… you have no clue about the power of those magical words or sentences. Positive affirmations are the ones that push me to have a super productive day. It holds power to transform your days for a greater good of your life.

#8        Edit your life frequently. Get rid of things and people who don’t serve your soul. Trust me, a lot many times, we entertain them just keeping one thing in mind… ‘it may come in use later’. But it never does. Those might show up at times when you can rest your hopes on, only to know that it was a no-show. Also, keeping things and people for “later use” is such a not so good perspective.

#9        Stay curious. Yes, we left that back in our childhood days. But it is still required champions. Curiosity not only develops our brain but lift up our lives in pretty interesting ways.

#10       Trying new things often, especially the ones that scare you, will strengthen your personality. I know, for many of them out there, even a blank page scares them when asked to draw or paint. That happens, majorly because we compare ourselves to others as we grow older. In a recent study, when asked in a primary school… “who all can sing”? Everyone raised their hands. Some kids even started singing. But when the same has been asked in a college. Except for few, everyone was shy. They took the question in their head as “who all can sing ‘well‘”?

#11        Be more mindful. Hope you don’t seek explanation here.

#12        Never write or send emails or text messages while you’re angry. You know while typing, the words bleed out of your head, so better to write it on a paper. Because while you shell out your anger via words, the impact is all gone. That time spent writing calms you down and make you think more laterally towards the situation/problem.

Hey! I know you would like to add more pointers on lifestyle changes here (which I would love to have in the comments section). But, let’s face it… “chasing the tomorrow, but not finished with today” is not a right move.

So have you addressed the required changes I have noted here? I am still working much on them. Let’s beat the difficulties together and make our every day better. Have a great day my friend!!


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